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Marlin P. Jones & Assoc, Inc.
P.O. Box 530400, Lake Park, Florida 33403
Toll Free: 1-800-652-6733
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Suppliers of: Soldering Stations, Digital Solder Stations, Desolder Tools, Rework Stations, SMD Desolder Stations, Soldering Irons, Solder, Solder Paste, Desoldering, Breadboards, Solderless Bread Boards, Electronic Breadboards, Heat Shrink Tubing, Shrink Tubing, PC Etching, Protoboards, Copper Clad Boards
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Solder Stations Solder Stations
Solder Tools Depot has 4 different models of complete Solder Stations to choose from. Along with each Solder Station, you will find the associated accessories for that station making your purchase even easier. Choose the solder stantion for the job you need to get done.

Mueller Lead Free Solder Stations
From the Company that gave us the Alligator Clip, comes the latest in solder productivity tools. Solder Tools Depot now stocks Mueller’s line of high productivity soldering equipment, including a fixture free station and a station with integral fume hood. You can now have the production tools you neccessary to get the job done!.
Mueller Solder Stations
SMD Rework Stations SMD Rework Stations
Solder Tools Depot offers 2 High Quality SMD Rework Stations Models to choose from. You will find a complete line of Nozzles to choose from. All the accessories are conveniently organized with each SMD rework station making your purchase even easier. With the selection of Nozzles to choose from, you will find the tool to get the job done.

Soldering Irons
Solder Tools Depot offers several models of soldering irons. Choose from the basic benchtop soldering iron, which is great for hobbyists or the Butain Soldering Kit for the hard to reach locations. Be sure and look through the Desoldering tools and the Solder/Accessories to complete your order for Solder Equipment.
Soldering Irons
Desoldering Items Desoldering Items
In this section, you will find the tools neccessary for simple De-Soldering jobs. Whether its to remove a a simple component or a full IC, we have the selection of Solder Suckers, Desoldering Braid to get the job done.

Solder and Accessories
In this section you will find a complete selection of Solder. We also have a unique tool that every Solder user will love, its Bechtop Smoke Absorber. This tool pulls the smoke away from you, removing the smoke from the working area.
Solder and Accessories
Solderless Breadboards Solderless Breadboards
No test bench is complete with out a breadboard. Great for prototyping small electronic circuits. Nickel plated phosphor bronze contacts on 0.1” lead spacing for many years of use. Sizes from 830 tie points to 3220 tie points and options like binding post and internal power supply.
Heat Shrink Tubing
A great professional looking way to insulate and protect connection and joints. Heat shrink tubing comes in many diameters and colors. We sell it in 4” assortment packs to 100’ rolls we even have dual wall heat shrink for those heavy duty applications.
Heat Shrink Tubing
Printed Circuit Boards Printed Circuit Boards
An inexpensive option for low volume circuit production and prototyping. Many styles to choose from, predrilled protoboards with .1” spacing, copper clad boards single and double sided and coated copper clad boards with photo sensitive chemicals already applied.

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